Monday, November 4, 2013

The unemployable, sightseeing, nark!

Ok, let’s lift the game a little higher!
It is hard to get these big players convinced that I am more than a CAD-dy face (can’t even say, pretty face, as that would be an overstatement) and my claims are no bare bluffing.
That, I know my stuff.
And that eventually, they will ALL get caught up on their own nets of arrogance and deception, let alone corruption.
My sleeves are full of magic cards.
And, eventually, around the end of the game… they will all be revealed.

For now, I am back to Dubai, UAE also covering Abu Dhabi.
Hopelessly unemployable, also extremely overqualified for the industry, while any HR consultancy worth its salt (and with offices numbering at least 2) has black-listed me weeks ago.

So, plenty of time on my hand, I visit the construction sites (at least from the streets) that I was once involved.
The first one, next to the green sea slug- I’m sure that place was run by an outfit rather than Hilton previously (that it is what it says now); - the headquarters for ADIB was supposed to be completed a year ago.
If you like games for the brain, I will post this PP for you (link here: let you work out what actually happened here. The information presented may not be enough to figure it out all, trust me, there will be more, much more. -but if you get the jist of it, you are onto something!

Can hardly wait, to reveal the details.
For a start, let say, captain and first officer left the ship well before the project was completed, a bad sign, as shipping and construction go.

In the meantime ignored and ‘unnoticed’, I spend my days enjoying the late autumn of a beautiful Dubai.
And getting ready for the big fights.

Watch this space!

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