Monday, September 30, 2013


Hong Kong based businesswoman Zolna Murray announces a hunger strike from 8am HK time on the 1st of October 2013, protesting unprofessional and highly unethical treatment by Gammon Construction in their process of recruiting,  hiring then firing her.

Local and global media are asked to take proper interest in this claim and perform a robust investigation into the story. It brings into question the ‘INTEGRITY’ not just of Gammon but also its parent companies (Jardines and Balfour Beatty) and its well-known partners and clients that have proven unable to answer a direct question about Gammons’ action.
One of the parent companies claims to be operating in over 80 countries.
In 2013, in 80 countries, they are redefining a word that outlasts all of their buildings – INTEGRITY.

Integrity or Gammon: is it a difficult choice?

Background story can be found on Zolna Murray’s blogs:

She can be reached here:

++ (852) 6597 8683

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