Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dear Mr and Mrs Jardines-Balfour-Beatty!

Would you please get your unruly child Gammon get to behave in an orderly manner urgently, stop his bullying activities and get him to clean up after his mess in the playground.
Otherwise, we will have no choice but to remove him from our well respected institution (other parents have been complaining already);
The Principal

Yeah, yeah – I’m still whinging- you may think.
But, there is a slight shift in the tone that you may have missed.
I’m in the ‘upwards-and-onwards’ kind of a way, even if a bit still rattled.
I have biiiiiig plans…just don’t tell anyone yet!

For the immediate next couple of days, I still have to clean up after someone else’s crap.
(I do apologise for the language, but there is no nice way to say this);

See, we all know the story by now:
Gammon scammed me into coming over the HK. Oh, silly me, how could I walk into it?
Any attempt of my following the sacking to open the eyes of the good people of Hong Kong how their scammers operate was an absolute disaster;
(i.e. who cares, these are our scammers, we like them the way they are – go away, stranger);
OK, fair enough.

Now, I say – OK Gammon, you won for the moment, I’m out-of-here…
Can you please be a dear and tidy up the mess you created (you know, all the long term contracts that we only got into because you vouched for us?)

…. Guess what Gammon said when asked to do this in the bestest civilised way I can do:
(Yes, I CAN behave in a civilised way)

‘We don’t want to know, it is a ‘personal’ matter’…..
You sure are right there…can’t remember any entity pissing me off personally (sorry again about the language) as much as you had, not even Leightons, and that is quite something!

So, due to your childish behaviour Gammon, I am addressing your parent companies, Balfour Beatty and Jardines directly.
And, I expect and answer, swiftly!

As good parents you must exercise your right and duty to discipline this child, just as much as you use every opportunity to boast when the child appears to do something good for your financial performance (see both of you reporting on Gammon winning the:
‘The HKSAR Highways contract to construct the Southern Connection Viaduct Section of the Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link (TM-CLKL) in Hong Kong is the largest solo civil engineering contract ever awarded to Gammon Construction.’)

On this latter news, I’d be a bit cautious too – it will blow up ‘big time’ in your face, let’s say in about 3 years, give or take 6 months. Though, one person will probably be out of harm’s way by then, John Clark the current, Engineering Director at TMCLK Link - Southern Viaducts at Gammon Construction Limited, as long as he reaches the magic 3-zero long service bonus, no one will care that he may have been a bit hesitant regarding D&B projects some time ago.

Still, dear Mr and Mrs J-BB (I wonder which one wears the pants in this parent relationship) – I’m not asking you to believe me at this stage that most of the projects your ‘almost golden goose’ is sitting on will spectacularly fail in the future, that would be far too hopeful of me, considering that you do not believe me about the factual events reported on that were happening at present;

I’m only asking to get Gammon to front up to the schools of my children and explain to them what happened, the residential agent and the landlord that is losing out and pay the utility bills that are owed;
Peanuts considering what you are losing by kicking me out.

But hey, time will tell you that. Unless your own long service time limit kicks in before that.
There is for hope for you!

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